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This section of the web site provides important information about the Celestial Church ministry.

Code of Conduct is a list of rules, regulation, tenets, and values by which Celestians must abide.

Biblical Justification is a document that cites various areas of the Bible that explains rules, regulation, tenets, and mode of worship at Celestial Church of Christ.

Bible Lessons section show bible lessons published by Worldwide Headquarters that is meant to be used as a guide for studying the bible throughout the year for personal studies and during services.

Articles of our Faith - The Apostle's Creed

Days of Worship lists important service days at Celestial Church of Christ.

The Constitution is a document executed by top ranking officials of the church for the purpose of articulating the origin, rules, regulations, tenets, and mode of worship at Celestial Church of Christ.

Announcement Template is a basic template and guide that Parish Secretaries may use freely in making their weekly service announcements.

Officers is a section that lists the officials of Celestial Church of Christ

Photo Studio - Shows different things, places, people in Celestial Church and their respective photographic depiction. 

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