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Celestial Church Of Christ

Announcements for:

  1. Greetings & Welcome

  2. Special Announcements (Plus Birthdays, Church Helpers for Next Week, etc.)

  3. Rules, Regulations, Tenets and mode of worship remains unchanged

    1. Discipline - It is Forbidden in C.C.C.:

      1. For members to:

        1. Adultery or Fornication is totally forbidden

        2. Drink Alcohol, Wine and Smoking of Cigarettes

        3. Eat Pork & Crawling Animals

        4. Merry-go-round at night

        5. Wear transparent dress, especially for Soutana

        6. To wear Red or Black apparel

        7. For male & female to sit side by side in church

      2. For women to:

        1. Leave their head uncovered

        2. Paint their lips and nails

      3. For men to wear their hair too long

    2. Women NEED to Sanctify themselves after 7th day of monthly cycle

          1. Soap, Water, Sponge, and a candle stick

  4. Days of Worship

    1. Wed - Mercy Day7p

    2. Fri. - Power Day7p

    3. Sun - Lord’s Day10a Prompt

    4. Fri - Prophet(ess) Svc.

    5. New Moon Service 12 Midnight - 1st Thurs. of every month

  5. Today’s Preacher:

  6. Last Week’s Collection: Last Week’s Attendance:. .

  7. Next Week’s Service Conductor:

  8. Next Week’s Preacher:

  9. 1st Lesson for Next Week: Will be read by:

  10. 2nd Lesson for Next Week: Will be read by:

  11. Any other announcements will be made known before end of service

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