Celestial Church of Christ | How we celebrate Easter

We wish you all a happy Easter.

The Celestial Church of Christ founded by Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa is a church that prides herself in celebrating the birth, crucification and the Lords supper that is Easter.

The church regarded as a white garment church celebrates Easter in a unique way starting from the Sunday before Easter Sunday which is known as Palm Sunday. During the Palm Sunday where the celebration of Jesus Christ riding on the donkey triumphantly into Jerusalem and the people hailing Hossana! Hossana! Celestians or faithful of CCC come out of their churches in a great number and march down the streets and road, dancing and singing in celebration of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The sign of the cross are made by all using the palm fronds- holding and wearing them.

A revered clergy in the Celestial Church of Christ, Assistant Venerable Superior AVS Evangelist G.A Adeyinka noted that the celestial church is a church that was divinely ordained. “The Celestial Church of Christ celebrates Easter to mark the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in a unique way annually.

From Palm Sunday which begins the Passion Week, we begin our fasting and it starts normally from 12a.m to 6pm.

We reflect on the sufferings of Jesus Christ all through the week and by Thursday of that week like this year, April 18, 2019 which is a Holy Thursday, we have our Feet Washing service and Holy Communion Service on the day.

And the next day, which is a Good Friday, everyone is in church premises to fast and break for 3 p.m. in the Mercy Land. We assemble by 10 pm in a place that is figurative of the graveyard or tomb of our Lord Jesus Christ on Saturday and watch over the night- praying and singing and by Sunday 12am, we shout and we celebrate the resurrection by shouting Halleluyah. Before now all through the Passion Week, we say Hallelujah.

Our Sunday service is an Easter Celebration service where we wine and dine. Note that from Good Friday till morning of Easter Sunday, Celestians are not permitted to eat meat or fish or anything with blood. We break our fast with water and fruits. Then you can eat anything afterwards.

All these form the uniqueness and beauty of the Celestial Church of Christ,” says Adeyinka.

The church led by Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa has experienced giant strides.

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