Celestial City, Imeko is the Holy City of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC). It is located in the Imeko Afon Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria, very close to the border with Benin. Celestial City is known as “Jerusalem” by the celestials

Imeko is a small, spread out village in a hilly region of Ogun State a few kilometers from the Benin border. Imeko is the home town of the mother of the Prophet “Papa” Samuel Oshoffa, who founded the Celestial Church of Christ in 1947 in Dahomey (now Benin), moving to Nigeria in 1979.

In 1973 a visionary told Papa Oshoffa of a visitation by a troop of angels who had said the Celestial City must be built at Imeko in a place called Igbo-Ifa, home of the traditional Yoruba deity Orunmila. Mecca would be closed and Jerusalem would move to Imeko. This confirmed messages the Prophet believed he had received from Christ. Papa Oshoffa initiated construction of the Celestial City in 1983.

Papa Oshoffa had directed that if he died in Nigeria he should be buried near his mother on family land at Imeko, and his burial ground be treated as holy ground and a place of pilgrimage.  If he were to die in Dahomey he was to be buried at Seme in his home town of Porto-NovoOshoffa died in Lagos, Nigeria on 10 September 1985 a few days after surviving a car crash. He was buried according to his wishes at Celestial City on 19 October 1985 with great ceremony. He left behind 34 wives and 150 children.  

Imeko City hosts the annnual Christmas festival and convocation at Imeko on 25 December of each year.  Imeko became a place of pilgrimage at Christmas for thousands of Celestial Christians from Nigeria, from other parts of West Africa and from more distant parts including London and the United States, although most of the Benin congregation gather in Seme, Porto-Novo. An important part of the pilgrimage is the opportunity to be anointed, which can only be done by the Pastor of the church, and usually only at Imeko.

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