Celestial Church of Christ Youth Ministry.

At time when the focus many youths are involved with gangs and violence, at Celestial Church of Christ, we are focusing on grooming our youth to be God-fearing and progressive.

The community is invited to share the joy of our youth during the upcoming Juvenile Harvest which is universally and globally observed and celebrated on the first Sunday in June every year.

The church juvenile harvest services commences at 11:00am;

The worship service is completely officiated by the youths including the youth choir, service conduct, etc.

A new future vision for youth is on the horizon at Celestial Church of Christ!

We ought to first of all to listen to the youth and not tell them who they are; give them permission and support to do the kinds of ministry that speaks to their generation.  We have to be a permission-giving culture for the young.  …We have to speak to who (they) are or aspire to be.    The best and healthiest churches are multigenerational.

Our biggest mission is to build a stronger Celestial Church of Christ for today, bringing generations together– doing things together.  One of Celestial Church of Christ’s greatest assets is that we have millions of members around the world and we have babies too. LOL!