2017 USA Diocese Convention | Exodus the Return

The CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST 2017 EXODUS CONVENTION, themed, “the Return”: was a convocation of progressive Celestians decided and determined to gather with Christ in building the New Celestial, the divinely decreed Last Ship of Salvation.


The Exodus Convention marked the long-awaited departure of the Celestial Church of Christ from the old Man of the world to the new Man in Christ; a departure from the years of labor in Egypt, mired in stagnation and division, to the liberty and anointing of the Promise Land, flowing with milk and honey. This Celestial Church of Christ 2017 Exodus Convention was a return to the bosom of Christ and an entrance into His glorious vision for the Church as the Last Ship of Salvation. As our LORD and King, Jesus Christ, has declared Himself, a word tried and true, which shall not prove false, “’The glory of the latter House shall be greater than the former’, say the LORD of Hosts.” The only question is, will you gather and build with Christ?


It was indeed a four-day regenerative, progressive, Christ-centered convention. It was an event for every true Celestian, with a comprehensive program for every member of the family.



After years of excoriating criticism from within and without, and a culture of self-deprecating, the 2017 Exodus Convention brought Celestians with progressive, constructive and revolutionary ideas together, to create actionable and measurable plans for immediate implementation, to address the ongoing challenges belaboring the glory of the Church, in order to usher the Church into the predetermined glory for the Church in Christ.



DATES: Thursday, May 11, 2017 – Saturday, May 14, 2017.

VENUE: The Princeton Marriot Hotel |100 College Road East, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.



2017 Convention | I was there


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