Download the Celestial Church of Christ Hymn Book with updated English & Yoruba Transalation (2nd Ed.).

Fantastic mobile Hymn that is based on Celestial Church of Christ Hymn Book.  Download your copy today.  Search for CCC HYMN in Google Play or the App Store today!


The newly launched hymn book features:

  • English & Yoruba versions of ALL hymns are now placed Side by Side on each page!
  • Corrections of typographical errors and phonetically incorrect lyrics
  • Large fonts for ease of reading
  • Indigenous Yoruba character sets to help with proper interpretation
  • Authorized by Celestial Church of Christ, International Headquarters
  • Table of Contents in both Yoruba and English
  • Alphabetical Index in both Yoruba and English.

English translations correspond to the same song number and page as the Yoruba translations & vice-versa This great evangelical work emanated from Voice of Grace Parish—Inspired by Christ, Efforts led by Superior Evangelist Joseph Olorunnisola.