Special Devotional Service held First Thursday of Every Month at all Celestial Church Parishes Worldwide.

Services are held first Thursday of each month starting at 12:00 midnight.

New Moon Service; Every first Thursday of the month is the service where by we commit the whole month into the hands of God because he is the author and finishers of all thing this is observed at 12:00 Midnight.

Ezekiel 46:1-6; The new moon is as important as the Sunday worship. It is a service that is loaded with meaningful action of reverence and adoration. The Shepherd and the whole flock in unison lift up their hand (acknowledging the sovereignty of God), then bow down, and finally kneel down with face to the ground, the forehead touching the ground,

Nehemiah 8:6. The worship is conducted in absolute lowliness before God. There is no sitting on chairs or benches. There is intense use of incense and perfumes. And at other services, our act of worship is in kneeling with face to the ground with our foreheads. Then the bell tolls three times and we chorus in unison, “Holy, Holy, Holy Is The Lord God Of Host” Isaiah 6:3; Rev.4: 8.

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