Celestial Church of Christ, one of the African instituted churches inspired by the Holy Spirit of God through some chosen generation of people. Amongst these men was the late founder of the highly spiritual church, CCC, Prophet, Pastor, Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa.

There are many amazing facts and record about the church that a lot of people are not aware of, some might be aware but seem not to see it as something worthy of mentioning.

We chronicle 17 amazing facts about the Hymns called Orin Esin Isipaya Mimo in Yoruba language.

1. The very first hymn divinely given to CCC is hymn 762, “Eyin Ara Ninu Kristi, E Gbe Orin Soke…” was revealed through Prophetess Wolisata and it was rendered in Yoruba.

2. The first-ever revival of the late sage at ‘Ilu awon Aje’, the wizards and witches of that town didn’t want Papa to host that revival; the leader, a wizard was tasked to hug Papa Oshoffa, in a bid to drain his blood. While coming towards him, he fell three times, the third time, he started to sing Hymn 701, Emi Ni Oluwa, Mase Beru Aye…, he later became one of the prophets God used in His vineyard”

3. Alexander Yanga (aka Woli Yanga) who revealed the name of the church, a stalk illiterate in a trance just asked for chalk and a charcoal was given, then wrote Agun Wiwe Olon Ton which was later translated to Celestial Church of Christ, Ijo Mimo Ti Kristi Lati Orun Wa, Eglise Du Christiansme Celeste. A few months later received and sang hymn 694,“Ka Sise Fun Iwenu Mo Emi Wa…” We render this song in CCC to commence the New Moon service, although not exclusively.

4. At the first seaside Christmas festival held by CCC, Mawulawoe, a Togolese sang hymn 901, – “Jesu Emi Yio Sin o….” in Yoruba even though she could neither speak nor understand Yoruba language.

5. Mama Christine Oshoffa (mother of L/S/S/E/S Edith Oshoffa) divinely revealed hymn 529, “Gbeke Re Le Oluwa Ninu Ijo Mimo yi…”

6. While being bathed by her mother (Mama Christine Oshoffa), 8-day old Dora Oshoffa started singing hymn 377 – “Eje k’afope Fun Baba, Jehova Eledumare….” Amazingly, in a completely different location, at exactly the same time, Pa Goodwill Abiassi was also rendering the exact hymn. God is wonderful!

7. While cooking in the kitchen, Mama Christine Oshoffa went into a trance and started singing Hymn 384 – “E je Ka Fope Fun Baba, Orun Osupa Wa Ninu Imole…”

8. While filled with the Holy Spirit, 11-month-old Marie Zevunu rendered hymn 229, “Emi Mimo Sokale Sarin Wa….”

9. Mama Alice Bada (wife of Baba Bada), whilst in a trance, sang hymn 576, “Halleluyah L’atorun Wa Pelu Orin Ayo….”.

10. Although he did not understand Yoruba, through the Holy Spirit, Pa Goodwill Abiassi revealed the following hymns in Yoruba, 261, “Agbara Na Baba Wa L’onfun”, 731, “Egbe Orin Yin Si Oke”, 205, “Olorun Oba Imole”, 238, “Emi Mimo Wa Sarin Wa”.

11. Pa Joseph Awhangonou (father of Iya Martha – Papa’s wife) who could not speak or understand Yoruba, sang hymn 330, “E yin Jesu, E Yin Jesu…”.

12. A wizard who was angry that Papa raised one of his preys from the dead decided to test Papa’s divine powers. During a revival being carried out by Papa, he turned into a bird and perched on a tree. But by the powers unknown to the wizard, he was turned back into a man and was hung upside down with a rope on the tree for seven days and seven nights. On the fourth day of being hung upside down, the wizard, Jules Bodjrenou went into a trance and sang hymn 176, “Baba Palase Lati Orun Wa….”. The wizard was later to become a prophet in the church, CCC and was popularly referred as Woli Agange.

13. Hymn 460, “Baba a a ni Wakati Yi….” was revealed to Papa as he was on his way to destroy a bewitched Iroko tree. A bird had flown from the tree to snatch a fish from the tray on the head of a girl who was a street hawker. Immediately she returned home, the girl died. Papa lit seven sticks of candle around the tree and it burned for seven days and seven nights and the tree was subsequently destroyed.

14. A mad woman divinely received and sang hymn 605, “Ka Sowopo, Ka Jo Yin Baba…”

15. Whilst visiting Papa at Makoko, the then Hon. Evang. Chris Omeben went into trance and revealed the song, “Emi Mimo, Emi Mimo Sokale….” It should be noted that Hon Evan, an Edo man, neither understood nor spoke Yoruba.

16. In 1982, Papa divinely received and sang hymn 4, “Oh Christ Oh My King, I Will Worship thee”.

17. Hymn 13 was rendered by a mad man who was popularly known at Badagry Beach. There was a rift amongst the prophets and prophetesses and Papa asked them all to assemble at the Beach to settle it amicably. When they all gathered, this mentally ill man who had spent years in that condition started singing “Iwa Rere Mo n Toro Fun Yin……

We praise and bless Jehovah for His divine grace, mercy and privilege.

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