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  • Helene Imoukhuede

    Please forward to Shepherd in charge.

    I am contacting you for Edward Imoukhuede, known to senior Evangelist Bakare and Global Senior Oshin and Baba Falolud Evangelist Daniel and White City and Elephant & Castle CCC branches. Please help Edward. He went to Kenya to stay with our daughter and grand daughter and suffered a very bad stroke in February 2020 just before he was due to return to UK. His right side is paralysed and his speech and vocabulary are gone. He understands you but cannot say more than yes, no and okay and is very depressed. When lockdown in Kenya and London eased, we brought him back with help of the medical services connected to Kenya airlines in mid july. I successfully got him admitted into St George’s hospital where his heart failure got controlled over 10 weeks. Real touch and go. Then they transferred him to Wolfson Rehab where he remained for 8 weeks rehabilitation until they gave up because of his aggressive behaviour towards the women nurses. They insisted on putting into his file a page saying he is violent and aggressive and asking for him not to be resuscitated despite him, me and our daughter saying we want him to be resuscitated. They transferred him into Windmill Lodge last Thursday. To be honest, fought against this Care Home but God decide otherwise. I knew why God made this decision when I spoke to Mrs Precious Adigun, a Celestian member when she called me to find out more about Eddie. She told me her husband Senior Evangelist Adigun is here at Coldharbour Road branch of CCC. It became obvious to me that I should seek your prayer help for Eddie because this is what God wants for him otherwise why did he get placed where I could meet Mrs Adigun. Eddie is highly frustrated with his situation, and cannot defend himself. At Windmill Lodge he has now been labelled as violent and aggressive because he is supposed to have slapped a care worker and thrown water at another! This is why mrs Precious wanted to know more about him. But I have known Eddie for forty plus years and he is not violent or aggressive. On praying over the situation, I was told that because Eddie is a Celestial and also a Woli, women are not allowed to wash or touch him on his head or privates. But the women staff are going against Celestian ways so eddie is reacting by involuntarily smacking their hand or pushing their body away from him. So one claimed he slapped her and another claimed he threw water at her. The Care Home does not have many male nurses. So I believe he will enter more trouble. Eventually he will be labelled as mental. I went in to see Mrs Precious yesterday and explained to her and the two nurses affected that Eddie is Celestial and a Woli hence he is having problems with the women. Mrs Precious understood immediately and has been praying with him, and she asked him in different ways about resuscitation and got the answer that he does want to be resuscitated. She asked me and I confirmed same. So she is going to override the page in the file asking that he not be resuscitated with one confirming he and the family want him to be resuscitated. We need help and prayers for Eddie. Please help. You can reach me on my mobile number 07801560109.

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